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Car Scooter Sharing Enjoy Eni Turin
Auto Moto Sharing Enjoy Eni Torino 13994

Car Scooter Sharing Enjoy Eni Turin

10121 - Turin (TO) - Piedmont, Italy - From Italy: Free Phone Number 800 900 505/From Abroad: +39 02 233 22 222

Enjoy, the vehicle sharing service that makes you get to your destination at affordable rates and unlimited convenience. Join the community and discover Milan, Rome, Florence, Turin and Catania! Enjoy is the innovative smart mobility project designed to facilitate all your travel with affordable rates and unlimited convenience. A real revolution of mobility, economical and sustainable. 

Find the nearest vehicle, or simply jump inside! You simply get the App and look at the map and see what's available nearby, or in the area that interests you. Or if you see what you want as you're walking along the pavement, take it. 

Thanks to the GPS navigation system, the Enjoy map shows you the quickest way to get to the vehicle you've booked. And how do I open the door or the saddle? With the smartphone. Once the vehicle is unlocked, enter your PIN code directly on your smartphone. Or, where present and activated, on the on-board computer located on the dashboard (of cars) or in the under-seat compartment (of scooters). Then start the engine, using the key which you'll find in the dedicated compartment. 

In all cities where the Enjoy service is available, you can fill up and each time you will get a voucher for your rentals. What’s more, Enjoy will pay the fuel bill. Before refueling, carefully read the instructions and watch the video tutorial. 

You can park Enjoy vehicles wherever allowed within the coverage area and use the reserved parking areas that you find while traveling around the city. The Enjoy tariffs are the best on the market: the rental will be charged directly to your account.

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Auto Moto Sharing Enjoy Eni Torino

Auto Moto Sharing Enjoy Eni Torino

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County Province District DépartmentTurin (TO)
City Town MunicipalityTurin
TransportCar and Scooter
  • Online Booking
  • Free Floating Vehicle Sharing
Green Points
  • Sustainable Mobility
  • Sharing

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