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    Bike Sharing Ascoli by Bike
    Bike Sharing Ascoli in Bici
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    Bike Sharing Ascoli by Bike

    63061 - Ascoli Piceno (AP) - Marche, Italy - From Italy: Free Phone Number 800 457 300

    Ascoli By Bike is a public service able to improve bicycle use and sustainable mobility.


    The service allows you to pick up your bike at a bike sharing station and return it to any of the active locations in the city. 

    The user is authorized to use the service following registration, which takes place by filling out a special form and issuing an Electronic Card

    Using the Electronic Card the user can take a pedal assist electric bike in one of the five bike sharing stations in the area. 

    The user can use the vehicle for all the time he actually needs it. At the end of the use the bicycle has to be returned in any free cycle-stand, even in a different place from the one of origin. 

    Service runs every day from 6.00 AM to 10.00 PM.


    Given the particular configuration of the city, it was decided to place the 5 Bike Sharing stations in correspondence with the exchange parking lots in the center and the railway station. The bikes can be found at the following stations:

    • Via Marcello Federici, 61 – Ex Gil: serving the northern area in the immediate vicinity of the exit from the multi-storey public parking
    • Viale De Gasperi-Torricella: the station is at the service of the Torricella multi-storey car park and the Seminary parking area
    • Piazza Roma, 6: strategically located in relation to the two major urban pedestrian areas and the most important public buildings
    • Largo Porta Romana/Viale Treviri: point of historical importance and access to the historic center from the west, especially for those coming from the SS. Salaria
    • Piazzale della Stazione: strategic location destined to become the most important interchange of public transport in the city

    You can check the availability of the bikes on the BICInCittà website or download the BICInCittà app available for free for Android and iOS.


    For information on the costs of use and subscriptions, consult the Ascoli Municipality website.


    • Tourist Information Office
      Palazzo Comunale - Piazza Arringo 7
      Monday to Friday: 9 AM-6.30 PM
      Saturday, Sunday and holidays: 9 AM-1 PM / 3 PM-6 PM
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    County Province District DépartmentAscoli Piceno (AP)
    City Town MunicipalityAscoli Piceno
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