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Colonello Adventure Park
Parco Avventura del Colonnello 20095

Colonello Adventure Park

Via degli Alpini - 67061 - Carsoli (AQ) - Abruzzo, Italy - Tel. +39 328 0264604

The adventure park is located in the beautiful oak forest that surrounds the Il Casale del Colonnello, covering an area of 15,000 square meters of gardens, paths and trails, green areas and parking.

The Colonnello adventure park offers 6 acrobatic courses with varying degrees of difficulty where both adults and children can test themselves safely on Tibetan bridges, cableways and platforms (suspended between 2.00 and 9.50 meters high) to spend a day with nature and fun. 

An adventure park is consisting of aerial platforms connected by horizontal passages like bridges, tibetan bridges, cableways with pulleys and other games that develop at different altitudes. 

An adventure park can be built on artificial or natural supports, the Parco del Colonnello is a wooded park of oaks and chestnut trees, built according to current regulations, UNI 155670-1 and 2, in the full respect of nature. 

The park is made by trying to use local materials as much as possible, the chestnut wood footboards were preferred to the larch, although the latter is much lighter and easier to work, the paths on the ground are made with chestnut trees cut into area and fixtures in the ground and dry, without using mortars or materials that would have disturbed nature. 

Everything you will see inside the park is removable, so as to ensure the correct development of trees through proper maintenance.

To guarantee everyone the right amount of fun, the paths are developed on different heights and degrees of difficulty, each user will be provided with personal protective equipment (PPE) and the correct training for their use in order to face all the steps in complete safety

In addition to the restaurant and swimming pool for those who love relaxation, you can relax walking through the paths that surround the structure, jogging in specially equipped paths or book a relaxing massage

The most curious can also book, directly or through the operators in the park, excursions in the cave, canyoning, climbing lessons and other outdoor activities

All the proposed activities are directly followed by experts in the field of proven experience.

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County Province District DépartmentL'Aquila (AQ)
City Town MunicipalityCarsoli
Free TimeAdventure Park
  • Online Payment
  • Free Parking
  • Snack Area or Restaurant
  • Garden
  • Wood, Park or Pine Grove
  • Swimming Pool
  • Educational Activities
  • Excursions
  • Eco Sustainability Activities
  • Outdoor Sports Activities
Green Points
  • Supports Local Economy
  • Certifications and Recognitions
  • Natural and Compatible Materials
  • Use of Waste Materials
  • Totally Removable Parts
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