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Thermal Center Grotta Giusti
Centro Termale Grotta Giusti 29534

Thermal Center Grotta Giusti

1252, Via della Grotta Giusti - 51015 - Monsummano Terme (PT) - Tuscany, Italy - Tel. +39 (0)583 1801599

Grotta Giusti is located in Tuscany, in Monsummano Terme in the province of Pistoia. The Grotta Giusti is a SPA Resort set in a beautiful secular park of about 45 hectares, where you can re-establish in full wellness, the bond with nature. 

The natural cave rises to about 130 million years ago and it is considered the most enchanting and extensive in the world; you can admire inside it many stalactites and stalagmites and the natural vapors arising from the Giusti Grotto allow you to enjoy a natural beneficial and detoxifying sauna.

The Millennial Grotta Giusti extends for over two hundred meters in the underground, creating underground mazes decorated with stalactites and stalagmites and spacious anthers in the secular park of Monsummano Terme. 

It is the third largest grotto in Europe and so beautiful that master Giuseppe Verdi called it "the eighth wonder of the world." 

In addition to the beauty, what attracts guests in the cave is that its three caverns are a true natural Turkish bath - you go from 24 degrees of paradise to 34 degrees of hell, passing through the Purgatory. 

Hot-humid vapors, rich in mineral salts, favor a purifying and detoxifying process that, combined with an immediate feeling of well-being, re-creates the psycho-physical balance by making the "steam bath" enjoyable for all 50 minutes of stay eliminating toxins and every trace of stress.

Giusti Grotto is characterized by the extension of the subsoil spaces to allow the choice of corners with the most congenial temperature. Inside the hotel there is also an outdoor thermal therapeutic pool (+35 degrees) with waterfall and whirlpools (open all year), spa (mud therapy, ozonized baths, inhalation treatments, whirlpools). 

There is also a fitness area with tennis courts, a life course for athletes, a state-of-the-art Aesthetic Center and a spacious relaxation area

In the Grotta Giusti complex there is also an outdoor thermal pool surrounded by greenery. A modern technology of about 750 square meters of high technology, with the possibility of underwater hydro-massage with 35-degree thermal water, through a large scenic waterfall, constantly powered by bicarbonate, sulphate, calcium and magnesium. 

In addition to natural cave sauna in direct contact with the rock, the Grotta Giusti establishment offers spa, aesthetic and dermatological treatments prepared by specialists and aimed at the recovery of psychophysical well-being and the improvement of the aesthetic form, as well as the recovery of muscular vitality and elasticity. 

Among the treatments: mud baths, ozonized baths in the thermal water, spa pool, massages, inhalation treatments and a wide choice of other personalized treatments, plus anti-stress, anti-cellulite and anti-aging treatments.

At the Center for Aesthetic Medicine, new wellness treatments can be carried out, such as a personal bath enriched with medicinal plant extracts and specific treatment designed for male skin care, or you can practice Oriental disciplines such as Qi gong, energetic gymnastics of ancient Chinese origin that improves the psycho-physical form. 

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County Province District DépartmentPistoia (PT)
City Town MunicipalityMonsummano Terme
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