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Horse Riding Center Tashunka
Centro Ippico Tashunka 30639

Horse Riding Center Tashunka

Vocabolo Verdicchio, Vasciano - 06059 - Todi (PG) - Umbria, Italy - Tel. +39 335 237163

The Tashunka horse center is the first in Italy with a recycled rubber field, thanks to the collaboration of Uisp, Ecopneus, and the University of Perugia. 

On this type of field it is possible to train the horses on a soft and slightly dusty soil, highly draining for the winter. 

In addition, even inside the stalls and under the paddock canopies we have placed recycled rubber mats, which allow the horses to stand on a softer surface than concrete, which is easily cleaned, and which solves the problem of mud for horses that remain in the paddock even in winter. 

The Tashunka Horse Center was born in 2003 and is the fusion between the passion for the horse and the love for our land; this union is at the base of our actions, because living nature and being in good company are the values ​​that inspire us; everything is the setting for a comfortable environment for the horse and efficient services for the rider. 

Our main purpose is to spread equestrian tourism, that is to use the horse to discover, or rediscover, the most hidden territories; it is very important for us to convey these values ​​to all those who want to come to this world, especially to the youngest.

We need to teach young people that the horse is not just a means of transport, but an adventure companion with whom to establish a relationship, which has need of care and attention, with which to have fun, but only after having learned to respect it. 

In addition you can entrust your horses to us; they will be maintained with the utmost seriousness and professionalism leaving you in total tranquility.


- Horse boarding

  • wooden box 3x3 m placed in two rows with covered corridor
  • possibility of external paddocks in a wooded area divided to accommodate every single horse
  • two sand and rod work fields for training and training
  • club house and saddlery

- Riding school

  • riding lessons for beginners and non-beginners, mostly for rural and trec activity

- Guided walks

  • tourist excursions even for the less experienced in the wooded areas and in the countryside outside the equestrian center

- Organization of excursions

  • we organize trips on horseback for one or more days aimed at groups of expert people with their own horses or to rent
  • possibility of studying the trip together with interested parties to provide a tailor-made service

- Possibility of accommodation

  • at a private apartment
  • at partner agritourisms
  • tent placement or accommodation with means of luck for the reckless

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County Province District DépartmentPerugia (PG)
City Town MunicipalityTodi
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  • Supports Local Economy
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