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Etruscan Landscape Ecomuseum
Ecomuseo del Paesaggio degli Etruschi 19735

Etruscan Landscape Ecomuseum

Via Marconi - 05010 - Porano (TR) - Umbria, Italy - Tel. +39 (0)763 374200/+39 328 5430394 - Fax. +39 (0)763 374108

The Etruscan Landscape Ecomuseum, added since 2013 to the regional ecomuseum network, intends to protect and enhance relevant naturalistic and historical-archaeological sites, improving their accessibility, disseminating their knowledge and promoting further scientific research. 

Guided tours and excursions, cultural events, training courses, educational workshops, conventions and conferences are offered, also through the diffusion of an ecological culture that respects natural environments and local traditions.

The Ecomuseum is also part of the PAAO (Archeological Environmental Park of Orvieto) and is distinguished by the presence of historic dwellings such as the eighteenth century Villa Paolina and its enchanting Italian gardens, and Etruscan tombs of the 4th century BC, that retain the original wall paintings visible both in situ (Tomba Hescanas) and at the National Archaeological Museum of Orvieto (Tombs Golini I and II), where they are kept in a layout that faithfully reproduces the funerary rooms. 

Among of the Etruscan Landscape Ecomuseum's goals there's the one to convey, first and foremost to the local community, the identity and characteristics of its landscape, the material and immaterial culture rooted here over the centuries, in order to make the peculiarities of the territory a value that can more coherently orient towards choices of sustainable development. 

In cooperation with tourist guides, tour guides (AIGAE associates), archaeologists and teaching staff, the Etruscan Landscape Ecomuseum has been promoting and enhancing activities for years through the CEA (Visit Center PAAO in Villa Paolina). 

At the CEA of Villa Paolina are also preserved the canvases of the nineteenth century painted a few years after the discovery of the Etruscan tomb of Porano (Tomb Hescanas) occurred in 1883, faithfully reproducing the original paintings on the wall in the intent to fix the images at that time still sharp. 

Canvas, restored, are used in laboratories as a teaching material.

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