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    Wine Bar Da Ronko [CLOSED]
    Enoteca dei Piccoli Sapori Da Ronko 33739

    Wine Bar Da Ronko [CLOSED]

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    49/B, Via Roma - 01019 - Vetralla (VT) - Lazio, Italy - Tel. +39 347 6064004

    A wine shop... but not just that; 

    An aperitif haunt... but with a dedicated kitchen

    A wine bar... but also with beers, distillates, gift ideas and other specialties; 

    A tavern... but with a modern vision. 

    Mostly it's about sharing a passion with other people; this is the spirit of the Da Ronko Wine Bar where Danilo also known as "Ronko" and his wife Roberta are waiting for you to share the emotions that food and wine combined together can always give.

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    Enoteca dei Piccoli Sapori Da Ronko

    Enoteca dei Piccoli Sapori Da Ronko

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    County Province District DépartmentViterbo (VT)
    City Town MunicipalityVetralla
    EatWine Bar Tavern
    • Debit or Credit Cards Accepted
    • Disabled Accessible
    • Pet Friendly
    • Certified Products
    • Snack Area or Restaurant
    • Traditional Cuisine
    • Table Service
    • Food & Wine Itineraries
    • Territory Promotional Activities
    • Event Organization
    Green Points
    • Supports Local Economy
    • Resumes Ancient Local Methods
    • Reachable Foot or Public Transit
    • Recycling
    • Organic Products
    • Local Food
    • Short Distribution Chain

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