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    [CLOSED] Organic Perfume Shop Thymiama Milan
    Bioprofumeria Thymiama Milano 39351

    [CLOSED] Organic Perfume Shop Thymiama Milan

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    4, Via Emanuele Filiberto - 20149 - Milan (MI) - Lombardy, Italy - Tel. +39 (0)2 43126854

    The Organic Perfume Shop Thymiama Milan was born on 20 October 2012 in the city of Milan with the aim of transmitting the passion of taking care of oneself using natural products that respect the environment

    Products companies are carefully selected and excluding derivatives from petroleum, benzene and toluene; plus, their production cycle does not cause maltreatment on the animals. 

    In compliance with eco-sustainability, we are always looking for small Italian artisan companies to establish collaboration and trust relationships. 

    Bioprofumeria Thymiama Milano MI Lombardia Italia Vetrina Natalizia

    Usually, we prefer to first test the products to evaluate their effectiveness and to fully understand their potential in order to give targeted and sincere advices to our customers. 

    In our continuous analysis we rely on the most secure national and international certifications such as ICEA, ECOCERT and FSC, always paying attention to the our customers feedbacks. This is how we create a friendly and warm environment made of advice and sharing.

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    Bioprofumeria Thymiama Milano

    Bioprofumeria Thymiama Milano

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    County Province District DépartmentMilan (MI)
    City Town MunicipalityMilan
    StoresOrganic Cosmetics and Perfume Shop
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    • Certified Products
    • Handicraft
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    • Natural Products
    • Organic Products
    • Natural Soaps

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