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    Handicraft Shop La Bottega del Sole
    Artigianato La Bottega del Sole
    / Categories: STORES, Handicraft

    Handicraft Shop La Bottega del Sole

    7322/D, Via Cimone - 41021 - Fanano (MO) - Emilia Romagna, Italy - Tel. +39 328 2613172

    Everything in keeping with the nature that makes our raw materials available to us. Only natural materials for our realizations: Beech wood, Fir, Poplar, Monte Cimone slate stone, non-toxic paints based on eco-friendly water base

    Ecology applied to artisan crafts that often give new life to old disused objects

    Located at an altitude of 1400mt, in an ancient township, whose first settlements date back to 1400, the Bottega del Sole overlooks beautiful mountain landscapes rich in vegetation. Here sun creates and plasmas the raw materials used for craft creations.

    Bottega Artigiana La Bottega del Sole Fanano Modena MO Emiia Romagna Italia Collana Bussola del Cielo

    Nothing is more pleasing than a decorative object that is perfectly in line with the style of your home and at the same time it is useful and of just the right size. 

    Only an artisanal design inspired and designed according to your instructions can meet these requirements. 

    All objects are signed and made with totally ecological and natural materials: only beech wood/poplar/fir, local stone (slate-slate) and decoration paints and non-toxic and water-based finishes. 

    Bottega Artigiana La Bottega del Sole Fanano Modena MO Emiia Romagna Italia Portachiavi da Parete

    Every crefted work comes with a card that indicates the materials used, the measures and hours of labor that were needed for its realization. 

    Everything is done with patience and attention to every detail. 

    Each product is accompanied by its hand-written label. That's why our labels are all different and therefore inimitable!

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    RegionEmilia Romagna
    County Province District DépartmentModena (MO)
    City Town MunicipalityFanano
    • Online Shop
    • Handicraft
    Green Points
    • Supports Local Economy
    • Use of Recycled Material
    • Up-Cycled Items
    • Natural and Compatible Materials

    Artigianato La Bottega del SoleL-HS

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