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Organic Shop Germogli
Negozio Biologico Germogli 46729

Organic Shop Germogli

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30, Via Romagna - 63039 - San Benedetto del Tronto (AP) - Marche, Italy - Tel. +39 (0)735 780126

Germogli, Ecologia e Salute is an italian association that deals with the promotion and sale of products from organic farming. Through the collective purchase and directly from the producers, Germogli is able to provide its member-customers with organic products at advantageous prices, including a group purchasing organic meat. 

Among the products on sale at the organic store sprouts we report: fruits and vegetables of local production, bread also for subjects intolerant to gluten and for those with problems of hypertension, soy cheese, cereals, legumes, pasta, jams and much more. 

Negozio Biologico Germogli san benedetto del tronto ascoli piceno ap marche italia Reparto Erboristeria

Germogli is also an Organic Herbalist shop specializing in dietary supplements, medicinal and aromatic herbs, herbal remedies, natural cosmetics and essential oils, also available for food intolerance tests. Naturopathy consultations and natural nutrition courses are also offered. 

Germogli also presents a Holistic Center whose philosophy is to consider the individual in his totality and integrity, where preventive gymnastics, connective and lymphatic massage, qi gong, integrated foot reflexology, flower therapy and yoga take place.

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Negozio Biologico Germogli

Negozio Biologico Germogli

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County Province District DépartmentAscoli Piceno (AP)
City Town MunicipalitySan Benedetto del Tronto
StoresMisc Products Shop
  • Online Shop
  • Debit or Credit Cards Accepted
  • Certified Products
  • Dietetic Food
  • Holistic Center
  • Classes, Seminars, Workshops
Green Points
  • Supports Local Economy
  • Reachable Foot or Public Transit
  • Recycling
  • Organic Products
  • Local Food
  • Short Distribution Chain

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