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    Bio Agriturismo Vegano Campo di Cielo 83961

    Vegan Agritourism Campo di Cielo

    5, Via Centenere - 32030 - Pez di Cesiomaggiore (BL) - Veneto, Italy - Tel. +39 (0)439 390206/+39 348 4935967

    Our guest’s sustainable wellness, of both the vegan restaurant and the B&B, is assured by the green building entirely in massif wood and by the Clivet heat pump which produces renewable energy. 

    Situated on a slope with a wonderful panoramic view over Feltre’s valley, just ten minutes from Cesiomaggiore (BL), Campo di Cielo is an organic farmhouse which produces wine, fruits and corn and offers to everyone who wants to rest from the stressful modern life, an accommodation entirely built with Solingo massif wood which is noxious substances free.

    Bio Agriturismo Vegano Campo di Cielo belluno bl veneto italia esterno

    Campo di Cielo vegan agritourism has four sustainable rooms provided with spacious bathrooms, a sauna, a library and a vegan restaurant that mostly uses its own farm products. 

    The use of pure wood produces positive effects on men, on its physical and psychological health, on its temper and its performances: so, Campo di Cielo is characterized by a reinvigorating environment, which gives you a feeling of warmth and safety.

    Bio Agriturismo Vegano Campo di Cielo belluno bl veneto italia camera lampade

    The colors, sound and perfumes choice, combined to the large windows overlooking the garden create a restful atmosphere that you can enjoy also on sunny days, eating outside under the porch or relaxing in the garden provided with nice hammocks

    The cordial and warm simplicity of the owners, Renzo and Teresa, creates a family atmosphere that favors permanence together with a spirit of sharing respecting nature and all its creatures.

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    Bio Agriturismo Vegano Campo di Cielo

    Bio Agriturismo Vegano Campo di Cielo

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    County Province District DépartmentBelluno (BL)
    City Town MunicipalityPez di Cesiomaggiore
    • Disabled Accessible
    • Farm
    • Vegetable Garden
    • Snack Area or Restaurant
    • Restaurant External Seating
    • Organic Cuisine
    • Vegan Cuisine
    • Table Service
    • Rooms or Apartments
    • In-Room Private Bathroom
    • Garden
    • Sauna
    • Library
    • Classes, Seminars, Workshops
    Green Points
    • Supports Local Economy
    • Recycling
    • Own Production Products
    • Organic Products
    • Local Food
    • Short Distribution Chain
    • No Single-Dose
    • Housekeeping on Demand
    • Natural Soaps
    • Ecological Cleaning Detergents
    • Fair Trade Products
    • Use of Recycled Material
    • Up-Cycled Items
    • Electricity by Other Renewables
    • Sustainable Air Conditioning
    • Water Flow Reducer
    • Double Button Toilet Flush
    • Follow Green Building Criteria
    • Natural and Compatible Materials


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