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    Organic Shop La Bottega di Fronte
    Ristorante Vegano e Vegetariano Zenzero e Salvia 19268

    Organic Shop La Bottega di Fronte

    93, Via Monsignor Ventimiglia - 95100 - Catania (CT), Italy - Tel. +39 (0)95 2962917/+39 380 7929017

    In the heart of Catania, there's a new reference point for good healthy and organic cuisine! You will find the same selected ingredients as the ones of our dishes at Vegan and Vegetarian Restaurant Zenzero and Salvia!! 

    You will master the quality of the Sicilian products and organic local farms! 

    Negozio Biologico La Bottega di Fronte catania ct sicilia italia logo

    Come and discover a wide selection of vegan products without palm oil! Fresh, seasonal fruit and vegetables coming from small local producers located in protected and unspoilt areas! 

    Fresh, organic, locally grown and certified products with a short distribution chain. You can also make a reservation for buying fresh vegetables. 

    We look forward to see you every day at the following times: 11:00 AM - 3:30 PM and 6:00 PM - 12:00 AM. Closed on Sunday

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    Ristorante Vegano e Vegetariano Zenzero e Salvia

    Ristorante Vegano e Vegetariano Zenzero e Salvia


    County Province District DépartmentCatania (CT)
    City Town MunicipalityCatania
    StoresMisc Products Shop
    • Certified Products
    Green Points
    • Reachable Foot or Public Transit
    • Recycling
    • Natural Products
    • Organic Products
    • Local Food
    • Short Distribution Chain


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