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    Feltrificio Crumière Ecomuseum
    Ecomuseo Feltrificio Crumière 14824

    Feltrificio Crumière Ecomuseum

    1, Jervis Square - 10060 - Villar Pellice (TO) - Piedmont, Italy - Tel. +39 320 2656987

    While entering into the Ecomuseum Crumière environments, we find ourselves in front of enormous and intact machinery, some working and sometimes used, for ancient but necessary rituals of traditional craftsmanship, from the factory that lives and produces daily, close to the old felt factory. 

    Here lies the strength of the place: a space preserved by time and yet still necessary.  

    On the double track of industrial archeology and the continuation of its instances in contemporary thinking, the criteria for presenting the Feltrificio Crumière Ecomuseum and the ways of involving people are set. 

    Ecomuseo Feltrificio Crumiere Villar Pellice Torino TO Piemonte Italia Lana

    The program for the resumption of exhibition activities and cultural promotion considers the historical site as an evolving body, open to contemporary and organized in laboratory and research activities

    With this intent, the vision of the collection is accompanied by appropriate educational and training offerings, which can transform the audience as an actor in the museum experience. 

    Given the wealth of information in the history of the site, the programming of exhibit activities is multi-year, allowing not only to renew the offer of a vision of the ever-changing Ecomuseum, but above all to investigate one of the many fields of knowledge that the place suggests. 

    Ecomuseo Feltrificio Crumiere Villar Pellice Torino TO Piemonte Italia Tessuto

    By proceeding with order, deciding to take people part of the hidden beauty in the warehouses and scrapies of the processing industry still active, it was chosen to begin with the raw material. 

    Through the transformation of energy, labor and use of machinery, matter becomes product, looking at the historical tradition and the current working methods. In fact, what for New Crumière is a waste material, for the museum becomes precious material for preparation and use at the laboratory. 

    Ecomuseo Feltrificio Crumiere Villar Pellice Torino TO Piemonte Italia Bancone Lavori

    The richness of the different types of material is a source of extreme interest in their creative use: raw wool and carded wool; wool, cotton and hemp yarns, synthetic resin wicks; fabrics of wool, hemp and cotton fabrics and synthetic fabrics of various thickness; semi-finished waste and much more. 

    In addition to exhibition spaces, the museum also includes two classrooms for educational activities and a conference room for theater performances, conventions and concerts

    The Ecomuseum Project is highly articulated and has a multi-year duration. At the permanent museum path, consisting of the machines of the felt production line, they come from time to time side by side with thematic arrangements, temporary exhibitions and cultural events

    Ecomuseo Feltrificio Crumiere Villar Pellice Torino TO Piemonte Italia Bambini

    Children are welcome to the Ecomuseum. We have dedicated workshops for them and we offer the opportunity to conduct a specially studied tour of their age! 

    Periodically, the Ecomuseum organizes weekend workshops for children and their families

    Dates will be published on the Ecomuseum Feltrificio Crumière website.

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    Ecomuseo Feltrificio Crumière

    Ecomuseo Feltrificio Crumière

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    County Province District DépartmentTurin (TO)
    City Town MunicipalityVillar Pellice
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