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    Diving Center Il Faro Diving
    Centro Immersioni Il Faro Diving 16188

    Diving Center Il Faro Diving

    Via Ragogna, 114 - 95024 - Acireale (CT) - Sicily, Italy - Tel. +39 328 4087368

    Il Faro Diving Center is everything a recreational or technical diver can desire. Practically you will spend your holidays in a prestigious diving center that boasts twenty years experience in scuba diving.

    Scuba diving: Ionian sea: it’s impossible to find a better place than Mediterranean area. Thanks to our staff long experience, our strategic position in Stazzo and our nautical vehicles, Faro Diving center covers the stretch from Catania to Messina giving to our guest the greatest scuba diving in the Ionian sea. 

    Thanks to our deep knowledge of the area with 26 scuba diving points, two Protected Marine Areas and ten incredible wrecks, you will be spoiled for choice. 

    Centro Immersioni Il Faro Diving Acireale Catania CT Sicilia Italia Animale Marino Viola

    Staff: Thanks to our professional guides that will lead you in diving excursions with a maximum of 6 people, you can enjoy the better scuba diving points. In high season, our team is made up of 4/5 trainers and 3/4 Diving Masters. Our team is completed by a staff speaking different languages. 

    Logistics: Our center works in two areas: Stazzo and Capomulini, both of them strategically located in order to cover the stretch from Catania to Messina. Stazzo is a solution that overturns the concept of effort that diving generally involves and it will make your vacation more relaxing and pleasant. Capomulini represents the extreme comfort in the choice of a 4 stars hotel, designed and created for the most demanding clients.

    The boats: Fast and safe techniques made up for the Mediterranean Sea, designed for overturning diving as less hard as possible. 

    Centro Immersioni Il Faro Diving Acireale Catania CT Sicilia Italia Marine Life

    The operative center: Faro Diving center provides incomparable solutions of comfort and functionality. When getting to Faro Diving you can directly transfer your diving equipment from your car to our center. 

    Nautical vehicles are parked at the harbor in front of our center that also works as point of boarding/disembarkation, and still all the operations of packaging cylinders and rinsing equipment take place here.

    Showers for the guests are outside our center. For those who book continual dives we give the possibility to leave the diving equipment and the cylinders on board. 

    Cylinders are carried on board through the external stairs of our boat while the staff rinses them by using our rinsing machines.


    • Scuba Diving
    • Cetacean Watching
    • Snorkeling
    • PADI License
    • Stays All Inclusive
    • Deep Sea snorkelling
    • Fishing Charter

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    Centro Immersioni Il Faro Diving

    Centro Immersioni Il Faro Diving

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    County Province District DépartmentCatania (CT)
    City Town MunicipalityAcireale
    Free TimeScuba Diving Center
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