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    Bed & Breakfast Casale Il Baronetto
    B&B Casale Il Baronetto 33986

    Bed & Breakfast Casale Il Baronetto

    4, C/da Selva Grande - 64034 - Castiglione Messer Raimondo (TE) - Abruzzo, Italy - Tel. +39 (0)861 1855857/+39 392 2439455

    Among spectacular views and superfine gastronomy, the Casale Il Baronetto B&B awaits you for a completely sustainable holidayOur animal friends are welcome

    The Casale il Baronetto is an historic building dating from the late 18th century, carefully restored using original recycled materials found on site, with an agricultural plot of approx. 1.5 acres partially wooded with an olive grove, an orchard and an area of pasture. 

    The apartments “il Sole” and “la Luna” are annexed to the main building and are well equipped. They include: a double bedroom, a bathroom, a kitchenette and a living room. TV is not available, the rooms are non-smoking. Each apartment can host up to four people, it is accessed by a separate entrance and it has a car park.

    BnB Casale Il Baronetto Castiglione Messer Raimondo Teramo TE Abruzzo Italia Segnaletica Stradale

    For those who like historical cities, "il Covo" and "il Nido" apartments are located in the beautiful medieval village of Penne, one of the most beautiful villages in Italy. Each of those apartment has an independent entrance, an elegant bathroom, a twin bedroom and a kitchen. 

    We grow what we eat and cook our products in a sustainable way. Casale il Baronetto is a member of Civiltà Contadina where to find or exchanging ancient seeds and we help to safeguard the biodiversity of our rural world.

    BnB Casale Il Baronetto Castiglione Messer Raimondo Teramo TE Abruzzo Italia Fiori

    The renewable energy plants, the rational use of resources, recycling, and the self-production of food, make Casale il Baronetto a completely eco-friendly bed and breakfast business for Eco Travel and Ecotourism, in Abruzzo the green heart of Europe, whereby tourism can be sustained by energy-saving technologies and alternative energy production, including rain water collection and treatment. 

    • Recycling: There are containers for separate waste collection. Organic waste is accumulated and decomposed in the compost bin to produce natural fertilizer used on the garden. 
    • Photovoltaics: All the electrical energy needed is generated by a photovoltaic port with an output of 6.5 kWp producing about 9,500 kwh annually. 
    • Solar panels All the hot water needed for showers and cooking is produced by a solar thermal plant covering an area of about 12 m2. 
    • Central Heating: Heat is produced and accumulated by our combined energy system. The thermal wood burning stove is fuelled by wood and biomass resulting from the maintenance of the estate’s woods. 
    • The water cycle: All taps are equipped with flow reducers. The rainwater collected and conveyed together with the purified water in a pond that feeds the garden’s irrigation system. 
    • Room Cleaning is done with bio-degradable products. 
    • Original materials were recycled and re-used in the renovation work. 

    For all our traditional dishes, we only use homegrown or locally produced ingredients. All our guests are served a unique menu, which is eaten together with our family, eventually with good traditional music, according to the rules of social eating. We also cater for vegetarians or vegan diet. 

    BnB Casale Il Baronetto Castiglione Messer Raimondo Teramo TE Abruzzo Italia Orto

    Relaxing walks immersed in nature, trekking with mountain bike (we can rent up to 4 bikes), visits to numerous towns, mountain and sea trips, excursions to several natural parks.

    Dependent upon a reasonable number of participants, we can offer courses such as renewable energy, cooking classes or workshops on how to construct compost bins, solar ovens and dryers or BatBox. 

    At Casale il Baronetto you can do your holiday with your bike, we are part of the network of  Albergabici® of FIAB. We are a bike-friendly bed and breakfast and provide extra services for our cyclists in according to the Certification "Amici della Bicicletta".

    Save on the cost of a vacation with barter: a day's work at the farmhouse Casale il Baronetto is equivalent to one day’s board and lodging (breakfast and lunch).

    Abruzzo is the green heart of Europe: 60% of its territory is covered in National Parks where there is a wide range of wild life including the protected Chamois, Marsican bears, Apennine wolves and Golden Eagles visiting us most days. The National Park provides a wide range of activities like walking, trekking, climbing, skiing, horse riding

    Abruzzo has hundreds of historical and picturesque hill top towns. Castiglione, Montefino and Penne are just some examples. The coast line has numerous blue flag beaches. The nearest ones are and sandy with shallow waters – ideal for chidren. Further south the coastline is rocky - good for snorkelling and diving

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    B&B Casale Il Baronetto

    B&B Casale Il Baronetto

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    County Province District DépartmentTeramo (TE)
    City Town MunicipalityCastiglione Messer Raimondo
    StayBed & Breakfast
    • Online Booking
    • Pet Friendly
    • Free Parking
    • Vegetable Garden
    • Traditional Cuisine
    • Vegetarian Cuisine
    • Vegan Cuisine
    • Rooms or Apartments
    • Prestigious House
    • Terrace
    • Classes, Seminars, Workshops
    • Bike Rental
    • Trekking
    • Excursions
    • Food & Wine Itineraries
    • Territory Promotional Activities
    • Eco Sustainability Activities
    • Outdoor Sports Activities
    • Association Member
    Green Points
    • Supports Local Economy
    • Certifications and Recognitions
    • Recycling
    • Composting
    • Natural Products
    • Local Food
    • Short Distribution Chain
    • Ecological Cleaning Detergents
    • Use of Recycled Material
    • Up-Cycled Items
    • Electricity by PV System
    • Hot Water-Heating by PV System
    • Hot Water-Heating by Renewables
    • Water Flow Reducer
    • Rainwater Reutilization
    • Barter


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