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    Agritourism Barbati
    Agriturismo Barbati 26417

    Agritourism Barbati

    Via Provinciale to Avellino - Cont.da Giarretelle - 83016 - Roccabascerana (AV), Italy - Tel. +39 (0)825 993080/+39 339 5336216

    Located on a hill with breathtaking views our agritourism has vineyards, olive groves and various vegetables reigns, including a breeding of 50 sheep and goats, 10 cattle, pigs and other animals. 

    In this environment Biagio, Patrizia and their sons are waiting for getting you involved in the farm life participating in harvesting olives and chestnuts and visiting our animals in order to have a true contact with nature and discover the taste of the old but so dear peasant tradition.

    Agriturismo Barbati Roccabascerana Avellino AV Campania Italia Esterno

    • Vineyard - The company produces DOC, IGT and table wine. We boast excellent wines such as Aglianico, Greco and Coda di Volpe.
    • Breeding - We raise pigs, cattle, sheep and goats sows born, chicks, calves, lambs, rabbits and bunnies and finally dedicated to children our pony ...
    • Olive Tree Grove - The Barbati agritourism cultivates about 2500 olive trees, producing an excellent extra virgin olive oil, carefully followed until the olives are pressed.
    • Chestnuts Collection - In October, the agritourism offers its guests a very original aperitif, fresh white wine and roasted chestnuts after harvesting and for the lucky ones even some porcini mushrooms. A themed lunch awaits you with chestnut cakes and good wine.

    The rooms furniture is simple and comfortable. All rooms have a panoramic view, on the vineyards, olive grove or the horizon. 

    All rooms have the same comforts: bathroom with shower, heating, TV, linen and have two to four seats.

    The Barbati agritourism menu shows Caudina Valley typical dishes, following our garden seasonal cycles that allows us to offer a quality food hardly to find nowdays.

    Agriturismo Barbati Roccabascerana Avellino AV Campania Italia Bottiglia Vino Aglianico

    The restaurant is open 365 days/year for lunch from Friday to Sunday. In August it is open every day except for Sundays evening and Mondays if not booked. Upon reservation, the catering service for ceremonies is provided.


    • Typical Salami of Sannio and Pasta - Salami produced according to local tradition, completely free of preservatives with first quality meat produced organically. All the pasta that the agritourism offers is homemade.
    • In Oil and Pickle -  Barbati Agritourism offers its customers the excellent "Cime di Rapa" and tasty "red and green tomatoes" in oil. Without forgetting the "Peperoni Forti", the "Mushrooms" and other specialties conserved in a natural way with the addition of spices and aromatic herbs. 
    • Craft Jams -Packaged with fresh fruits of our land: apricots, prunes, figs and blackberries.
    • Aglianico, Greco and Coda di Volpe - Wine, produced on site during the Harvest, has always been a pride for our family. Wine can be booked during the harvest and it is also possible to participate in the grape harvest.
    • Fresh Cheeses and Ricottas - Cheeses made with fresh milk and natural curd. The milk comes from cows and goats grazing freely on the lawns of our farm.
    • Extra Virgin Olive Oil - The olives used to produce our extra virgin olive oil are cold-pressed and therefore retain the quality that distinguishes them and makes them unique.

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    Agriturismo Barbati

    Agriturismo Barbati

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    County Province District DépartmentAvellino (AV)
    City Town MunicipalityRoccabascerana
    • Farm
    • Local Products from Vendors
    • Vegetable Garden
    • Snack Area or Restaurant
    • Traditional Cuisine
    • Organic Cuisine
    • Table Service
    • Rooms or Apartments
    • In-Room Private Bathroom
    • TV
    • Garden
    • Swimming Pool
    • Children's Play Area
    • Educational Activities
    • Farmer's Life
    • Excursions
    • Event Organization
    Green Points
    • Supports Local Economy
    • Resumes Ancient Local Methods
    • Recycling
    • Natural Products
    • Own Production Products
    • Organic Products
    • Local Food


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