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    Restaurant Vegan Express
    Ristorante Vegano Vegan Express
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    Restaurant Vegan Express

    913, Garrat Lane - SW17 OLT - London, England (UK) - Tel. +44 (0)20 81276560

    We serve fresh, homemade, plant-based food that is made from scratch without preservatives. We offer tasty wholesome and filling delicious lunch-options from noon, and a candle-lit dinner experience with an elaborate vegan cuisine in the evening. 

    Coffee, muffins, cake and smoothies throughout the day. In addition to our restaurant at Garratt Lane in London we can provide a variety of catering services ranging from catering for events and dinner parties to supplying lunches and dinners for corporate events.

    The need for Vegan Express is born out of a desire to show how easy it is to replace animal food products with plant based alternatives

    Restaurant Vegan Express London England GB United Kingdom UK Calzone with roasted Aaubergine and Courgette Spinach and Rocket

    Our entire range of healthy food is tasty, filling and wholesome and it also happens to be vegan! We cater for those already following a vegan diet, but also for people who want to discover how easy it is to be vegan and how much better it is for your health and for our environment.

    Charles and Ulrika Diallo own and run the restaurant and catering business Vegan Express. Vegan Express sources food from local growers and avoid, as much as possible, products that use too much of the planet’s resources. 

    We can produce free from, egg-less, gluten free cakes and muffins and other sweet treats and party food. Call us to discuss any requirements.

    Monday: Closed - Tuesday-Sunday: 12pm -11 pm

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    CountryUnited Kingdom
    County Province District DépartmentGreater London
    City Town MunicipalityLondon
    EatVegan Restaurant
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