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Agritourism Albaspina
Agriturismo Albaspina 83277

Agritourism Albaspina

11, Via Bettanie - 36010 - Monticello Conte Otto (VI) - Veneto, Italy - Tel./Fax. +39 (0)444 595179

We named our farmhouse “Albaspina”, the ancient name for the hawthorn, a beautiful plant that is acknowledged for its multiple medicinal purposes. 

The farmhouse dates back to the early 18th century and it lies in an area known for its panoramic beauty, just a few kilometers from Vicenza, in a very peaceful setting among fields. 

The building has been entirely renovated according to green buiding criteria, paying particular attention to the materials employed, deliberately avoiding electric and magnetic fields in all areas in order to offer our guests a special holiday, immersed in the surrounding landscape. 

Agriturismo Albaspina vicenza vi veneto italia esterno edificio

Details are important to us: not only have we adopted green building techniques, but we have invested in renewable forms of energy, such as solar energy panels and a biomass boiler for heating

Needless to say, Albaspina also carefully follows and encourages recycling measures and uses biodegradable cleaning products.

Albaspina offers four charming, comfortable double rooms, each one of them equipped with its own ensuite bathroom and air-conditioning. 

All rooms are spacious and quiet, with scenic views of the surrounding countryside. Two of our rooms can easily accommodate a third bed. Pets allowed. Free Wifi

Agriturismo Albaspina vicenza vi veneto italia teiera fiori vassoio

Each morning, Anna prepares an extensive breakfast, even vegan, that includes cakes and breads baked in our kitchen, as well as our delicious homemade jams. 

Guests requiring special dietary needs are welcome: just make sure to let us know when you make your reservation. 

Agriturismo Albaspina vicenza vi veneto italia crostate

For a special dinner, made with high quality organic ingredients and freshly picked vegetables from the garden, we are open in the evening by reservation from Thursday to Saturday.

Guests can choose to stay for dinner, to taste our specialties: vegetable soups, vegetarian pastas and dishes made with grains, legumes, seitan, raw and cooked vegetables – all ingredients originating from biodynamic and organic produce.  

The farm places particular emphasis on producing seasonal vegetables and fruits following organic method

Our home-grown produce is sold directly at Albaspina, in our farm shop, offering a wide range of cherry, apricot and peach preserves, as well as canned vegetables (pickled, in water or in oil). 

Agriturismo Albaspina vicenza vi veneto italia mani bambini fiori

The Quality Teaching Farm Chart in the Veneto Region clearly outlines the specific requirements concerning safety, logistics, hospitality services, and the learning materials provided to students and teachers who visit the farm. 

Albaspina is open year-round to welcome guests of all ages and to encourage their interest in biodynamic farming, synergistic gardening, crystal healing therapy, and vegan cooking

An experience to rediscover the countryside: this is a guided lesson that teaches our visitors how to recognize vegetables and their flavors, as well as to learn the seasonal nature and full plant cycle from seed to harvest with hands-on experience of seeding and harvesting in the garden.

We also organize evening events, seminars, and classes on holistic and natural health topics

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Agriturismo Albaspina

Agriturismo Albaspina

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County Province District DépartmentVicenza (VI)
City Town MunicipalityMonticello Conte Otto
  • Pet Friendly
  • Farm
  • Local Products from Vendors
  • Certified Products
  • Vegetable Garden
  • Snack Area or Restaurant
  • Traditional Cuisine
  • Organic Cuisine
  • Vegetarian Cuisine
  • Vegan Cuisine
  • Rooms or Apartments
  • In-Room Private Bathroom
  • Classes, Seminars, Workshops
  • Educational Activities
  • Farmer's Life
  • Eco Sustainability Activities
  • Green Weeks and Packages
Green Points
  • Funded or Sponsored
  • Supports Local Economy
  • Green Projects Supporter
  • Recycling
  • Own Production Products
  • Organic Products
  • Local Food
  • Short Distribution Chain
  • No Single-Dose
  • Natural Soaps
  • Ecological Cleaning Detergents
  • Electricity by PV System
  • Energy Class Label A
  • Hot Water-Heating by PV System
  • Double Button Toilet Flush
  • Follow Green Building Criteria
  • Natural and Compatible Materials


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Agritourism Albaspina

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