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Summer 2020 in Apulia, Sicily and Sardinia
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Summer 2020 in Apulia, Sicily and Sardinia

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What to do and useful links

There's a great desire for holidays in this unusual summer 2020 that sees us grappling with social distancing, masks and all the well-known anti-Covid recommendations that we have been dealing with for several months; but where to go?

An idea could be to spend our holidays in southern Italy, a destination that has always been coveted by compatriots and foreigners and this year even more, being the south of Italy one of the places least affected by the pandemic. 

Apulia, Sicily and Sardinia regions, however, have issued some measures to contain the spread of the infection with procedures to be followed for entry and stay in the region. Let's see them together:

Puglia Trulli


The regional ordinance no. 245 of 02/06/2020 indicates that to enter the region you must:

  • Fill in the online self-report form in the Puglia Salute websitewith your personal data and other information regarding your stay and the transport used;
  • Click on the "Create form" button to create a pdf version​;
  • Send the pdf form to the competent ASL (local health authority) of the first province you will visit at the e-mail addresses:
  • Keep for 1 month a list of places you have visited and a list of people you met during your holiday in Apulia.

For more detailed information, you can call the toll-free number 800.713931 from Italy every day from 8.00 to 20.00. From abroad you can contact the number 0039.080.3373398.

Sicilia Tempio Greco


The regional ordinance no. 24 of 06/06/2020 with validity until 30/09/2020 indicates that to enter Sicily (except for residents) you must:

  • Register on the Sicilia SiCura website indicating your personal data and other important information relating to your stay on the island and to your eventual family "history" connected to Covid-19. You will then be sent an e-mail with your username and password;
  • Download and use the Sicilia SiCura App forr IOS or Android during your time in Sicily by checking in via the app on arrival and checking out when you leave the island. To access the app you must enter the username and password that were sent to you after registering on the website.

For more information you can call the toll-free number 800458787 available by the Sicily Region.

Sardegna Calaluna


The regional ordinance no. 27 of 02/06/2020 indicates that to enter Sardinia by sea or by air, both adults and children, you must necessarily:

  • Fill in an online registration form by entering your personal data and other information relating to the stay and the transport used. You will therefore receive an e-mail confirming registration;
  • In the 48 hours before departure, fill in another form (which can be accessed via the link in the registration confirmation e-mail) which indicates any previous infections or contact with Covid-19. You will then be sent a new e-mail containing a QR code to be shown on boarding.

You can also perform the registration and filling in the form through the Sardegna Sicura App, available for both IOS and Android with which you can also provide authorization to track your movements.

For further information, contact the toll-free number of the Sardinia Region 800 894 530 or write an e-mail to

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