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    Diving Center Scuba Diving Otranto
    Centro Immersioni Scuba Diving Otranto 26652

    Diving Center Scuba Diving Otranto

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    1, Via Del Porto - 73028 - Otranto (LE) - Apulia, Italy - Tel. +39 (0)836 802740

    Scuba Diving Otranto offers a full range of diving skills and courses at all levels, from the base to the Instructor level, both recreational and technical, using SSI Scuba Schools International method, with a Trainer Instructor in place. 

    The theoretical and practical classes and lessons are customized according to the needs of the students, all courses include original teaching material, patent issuance, diploma, use of the equipment and divings based on the chosen course. 

    CMAS patents are also recognized by many institutions as a rating for public contests. After having celebrated the tenth year of activity in 2010, to offer a more complete service, we introduced a new branch, that of Technical Diving (The first choice was relegated to the wreck of Hadonis). 

    Centro Immersioni Scuba Diving Otranto Lecce LE Puglia Italia Fondali Marini

    Instructors, who have been operating in the field for several years, allow us to propose a series of new preparatory courses to take the Trimix or Rebeather. 

    However, we always have our first place in recreational diving, with the integration of new dive sites, new caves, new walls and why not, and finally some wreckage

    The Diving will remain open all year round, as always, and we will do daily diving tours both day and night, offering a number of diving spots that will meet the needs of divers, both beginners and more experienced ones. 

    Centro Immersioni Scuba Diving Otranto Lecce LE Puglia Italia Sub

    We will provide rental equipment suitable for different types of diving and an efficient dive shuttle service from the accommodation to the embarkation point and vice versa. 

    For the outings at sea we will use two 7,40 m long inflatable boats powered by Mercury 200 hp and another one of 10 m with two 200 hp Mercury motors. You can enjoy drinks and snacks, and especially for diving with the help of stops with bars and bottles at -5 m.

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    Centro Immersioni Scuba Diving Otranto

    Centro Immersioni Scuba Diving Otranto


    County Province District DépartmentLecce (LE)
    City Town MunicipalityLecce
    Free TimeScuba Diving Center
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