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Night Excursion: The Porto Selvaggio Natural Park Under the Stars
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Night Excursion: The Porto Selvaggio Natural Park Under the Stars

Via Carlo Massa, 29 - 73100 - Lecce (LE), Italy - Tel. +39 338 7799477

Event date: 6/24/2017 7:00 PM - 6/25/2017 2:00 AM Export event

Event Location: Via Carlo Massa, 29 Lecce, LE, Puglia (Italy)

With this fascinating naturalistic excursion at night we will discover the Natural Park of Porto Selvaggio and the Swamp of the Captain, one of the most suggestive places of all Salento. We will do night trekking under the stars through a naturalistic trail that lays along the Ionian coast of Salento, featuring high and panoramic cliffs, fresh pine forests and Mediterranean scrub that lays the coast, karstic caves and springs thrown into the sea that hosts a very important Marine biodiversity. We will do trekking, environmental education and we will go to the Mediterranean scrub with the help of our front lights, immersed in intense scents of aromatic herbs, we will make a leap into prehistoric caves and rock settlements. We will leave from Santa Caterina entering the Wildlife Park of the Wild Harbor, visiting the Cave of Capelvenere of incredible paleontological value. We will visit the Torre dell'Alto with the panorama of enchantment on the bay. We will walk through the Bronze Path and enter the heart of the park along the ancient stairs that will take us to the bay of Porto Selvaggio. Here we will relax and who wants to swim and snorkel under the stars. We will be trekking along the Neanderthal Trail, which winds along the high coast where a number of very important caves are opened. We will also visit the Horse Cave, which is of great paleontological and anthropological value, and then the Baia uluzzo and Uluzzo Tower, where we can enjoy the breathtaking nightlife of the Natural Park. Relaxation and short breaks at the Pike of India. Pause dinner at the sack and relaxation stay. We will be trekking along the Path Trail and then along the Path of Orchids to return to the Bay of Porto Selvaggio from the main path immersed in the greenest and most lush Mediterranean scrub. From here, come back to the last stop at the Panorama dedicated to Renata Fonte and back trekking along the Bicycle Trail that will take us to the starting point where we will end our hike. 


19:00 Meeting of the Participants at the Meeting Point 

19:30 hrs Departure excursion - Capelvenere Cave - High Tower - High Tower Trekking - Villa Tafuri - Wild Bay of Porto Selvaggio - Trekking in the Natural Park of Porto Selvaggio - Observation of stars - Night trekking on the Neanderthal Trail - The Horse Cave - Naturalistic Laboratory: Paleontology of Salento - Night trekking Uluzzo Bay - The Grotto Uluzzo - Uluzzo Tower - Packed lunch - Trekking in the Natural Park of Porto Selvaggio  

2:00 pm End of excursion and return to the meeting point 

* The program may be subject to changes in the Environmental and Hiking Guide, for technical, safety and weather reasons.  

MEETING POINT: Santa Caterina Via Cantù 

  • Length of trail: approx. 12 km Level: T (Tourist) / E (Hiking) 
  • Difficulty: Simple 
  • How we walk: walking trekking. 
  • Bottom type: dirt, 70%, rock 10%, road 20% 
  • What to bring: backpack, water bottle 07-1l, sack lunch, energy drinks and energy drinks tarallucci, dried fruits, fingers, chocolate. 
  • Recommended clothing: hiking gear, cotton t-shirt, short leggings / tekking shorts, trekking shoes, light sweatshirt, rain / windproof hiking jacket, cap, sunglasses. 
  • Recommended equipment: compass / gps, camera, binoculars, led torch / front light, whistle whistle. Snorkeling equipment, mask, snorkel, fins, crazy. 

PARTICIPATION RATE: 10,00 Night trekking excursion 12.00 Night trekking excursion + LED flashlight / frontal light * The fee will be paid on the day of the excursion before departure to the course of course Salento or the Guide. 

THE QUOTA INCLUDES Trekking & Activities LED flashlight / frontal light Environmental Hiking Guide (A.i.g.a.e) Ecologist and Biologist accompanist Naturalistic Laboratory Insurance Technical Director: GLocal Tour Operator Organizer: Naturally Salento Itinerary designed by: Francesco Chiappalone Guide: Francesco Chiappalone 

INFO & RESERVATIONS To book and sign up for the excursion, fill in and send the Excursion Membership Form to the following link: For information, details and traditional subscription, send a message with: date, excursion title, name and surname of the participants at the following number: Tel / WhatsApp: 338-7799477 (Francesco) You can also make the booking by filling in and sending the Excursion Membership Form at:

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Naturalmente Salento

Naturalmente Salento

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