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    Monte Genuardo Excursion
    La Passeggiata degli Dei 3832

    Monte Genuardo Excursion

    Sambuca di Sicilia (AG) - Sicilia, Italy

    Event date: 7/22/2018 Export event

    Event Location: Sambuca di Sicilia

    Panorama landscape from Monte Genuardo 1159 m asl RSO of the Municipality of Sambuca di Sicilia, which gave birth to Maestro Giambecchina. Incredible beauty of the village, recently awarded first place in Italy, with its geographical position and its art, churches, palaces, art gallery, convent, the ancient aqueduct "Gli Archi", Lake Arancio and the other remarkable archaeological site of Monte Adranone.

    • Approximately 10 km long course with a 30% slope
    • Difficulty E
    • Packed lunch - return in late afternoon
    • Suitable under 5 & under 75 if used to walking, lazy out
    • Four-legged friends are welcome, subject to communication to the organizer
    • Hiker's clothing (comfortable and layered) and a spare shirt, anorak
    • Hiking boots, high to keep the ankles protected and water repellent and non-slip soles for a good grip. High and technical socks to avoid the formation of rubbing flitene
    • Trekking poles and gaiters if you have them
    • Breakfast bag, cap, sunscreen and mineral water supply and spare shoes to keep in the car
    • Return in the afternoon and still depends, always, from the pace of the group and stops. 

    The excursion outings are reserved for members. Annual membership 2018 € 25.00 with a cadence of 2 trips per month.
    Non-Members, exceptionally for the first time can participate by communicating personal data by the eve of the event (€ 10.00 fee) to +39 3385374891.

    The program could be modified at the discretion of the organizer.
    Walk with Bianca & La Passeggiata degli Dei

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    La Passeggiata degli Dei

    La Passeggiata degli Dei

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    County Province District DépartmentAgrigento (AG)
    City Town MunicipalitySambuca di Sicilia
    Event Details
    • Outdoor
    • Paid Event
    • 4-Legged Friends Allowed
    • 1 Day
    Price€ 10,00


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