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    Event date: 2/25/2019 9:00 AM - 2:00 PM Export event

    Event Location: A Tavola con lo Chef

    Vegetariano Vegano Gourmand Cooking Class
    A Tavola con lo Chef

    Vegetariano Vegano Gourmand Cooking Class

    C/o A Tavola con lo Chef - Via della Pineta Sacchetti, 263 - 00168 Rome (RM) - Lazio, Italy - Tel. +39 (0)6 3550 8933

    The cooking class, aimed at those who already work in the catering field, will address issues related to trends and culinary demands of the moment, according to the vision of chef Francesco Apreda. You will go beyond the usual vision of the vegetarian and vegan world, elaborating gourmand dishes with vegetable ingredients, even unusual ones, such as algae.

    The program, distributed in 3 days, will be very detailed. 

    First day: Advanced tradition of vegetarian dishes

    • Gnocchi with ricotta and spinach filling
    • penne pasta with arrabbiata sauce
    • warm, liquid and smoked caprese
    • zucchini and goat's cutlet

    Second day: Vegan Vegetarian Fusion

    • pinzimonio in osmosis
    • punk-ovo, porcini cream and red miso
    • risotto alla marinara
    • Roman-style dumpling Asia Express

    Third day: between seaweed and vegetables

    • spinach and hidiji salad, parmesan and truffle
    • sea vegetable minestrone soup
    • algae and roots
    • aubergine steck, peppers and nori seaweed
    • Teachers: Francesco Apreda (chef) and Francesco Focaccia (chef)
    • Day: Monday; 3 lessons.
    • Course start date: 18/02/2019
    • Course end date: 04/02/2019
    • Hours: 9.00am-2.00pm.
    • Price: € 400,00
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    County Province District DépartmentRome (RM)
    City Town MunicipalityRome
    EventsWorkshops and Courses
    Event Details
    • Indoor
    • Paid Event
    • More Than 1 Day
    Price€ 400,00

    A Tavola con lo ChefL-HS

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