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    «July 2020»
    Natural Expo 2019
    Natural Expo 9481

    Natural Expo 2019

    C/o Fiera di Forlì - 2, via Punta di Ferro - 47122 - Forlì (FC) - Emilia Romagna, Italy - Tel. +39 (0)543 798466

    Event date: 2/15/2019 2:00 PM - 8:00 PM Export event

    Event Location: Fiera di Forlì

    The kermesse in Forlì is a point of reference for people interested in the pursuit of wellness through an ethical lifestyle based on natural methods

    Natural Expo is a showcase that offers a wide range of proposals and innovative products for wellness: natural cosmetics, organic and vegan nutrition, energy saving, furniture, herbal medicine and alternative medicine.

    Natural Expo 2019 from 15th to 17th February will not only be an opportunity to make excellent purchases, but it will involve the public and exhibitors in a multisensory experience with workshops, courses, exhibitions, workshops for children and free shows

    For this new edition, we have expanded our exhibition proposal to meet the requests for information and insights from an increasingly interested people in natural well-being applied to new issues.



    • CUORE VEGAN - Products and Services -Dissemination of the ethical choice to be vegan through the distribution of products and services. All that concerns the respect for the every living being's life: from food to clothing, from catering to cooking classes, from presentation of books to workshops.
    • BIOBEAUTY FASHION - Beauty & Wellness - Traditional, complementary, alternative and holistic treatments, which include natural therapies and different ways of prevention, for a correct health culture. Cosmetics, experts in natural make-up, hair stylists, dieticians, massages, thermal wellness therapies and the latest natural trends.
    • VITAeCASA - The house I would like - Eco-house, projects for energy saving and for choosing in the construction and furnishing. Eco-friendly fuels, alternative and renewable energy, ecological furniture and accessories, Feng Shui.
    • WORLDWIDE - Uses and customs, crafts, fair trade, ethnic culture, raw materials; all in respect and with the desire to appreciate diversity.
    • BACK TO THE ORIGINS - Agriculture, natural veterinary (nutrition and plant protection products), biodiversity and ecosystem, rural culture, short supply chain, locally grown, natural, organic and biodynamic.
    • FREE YOUR TIME - Tourism, sports and activities for children. Presentation of eco-friendly journeys, rediscovery of the territory. And again, meditation centers, yoga, pilates, treatments, massages and demonstrations of fun and innovative sports.


    from 15th to 17th February 2019


    Fiera di Forlì


    - Friday 2:00 pm - 8:00 pm
    - Saturday and Sunday, 10:00 am  to 8:00 pm


    - Friday, single ticket € 3.00
    - Saturday and Sunday, full ticket € 8.00
    - Reduced ticket € 6.00 with coupon downloadable from the official website
    - Free entrance up to 12 years.

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    Natural Expo

    Natural Expo

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    RegionEmilia Romagna
    County Province District DépartmentForlì-Cesena (FC)
    City Town MunicipalityForlì
    EventsFairs and Markets
    Event Details
    • Paid Event
    • More Than 1 Day
    Price€ 3,00


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