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    Go for Herbs - Recognition and Use of Spontaneous Plants
    Ostello Parco Monte Barro 8894

    Go for Herbs - Recognition and Use of Spontaneous Plants

    Loc. Eremo di Monte Barro, at the end of Via Balassi - 23851 - Galbiate (LC) - Lombardy, Italy - Tel. +39 (0)341 540512

    Event date: 4/8/2018 2:30 PM - 6:00 PM Export event

    Event Location: Ostello Parco Monte Barro


    A workshop in 5 meetings, to learn about the fascinating world of spontaneous, medicinal, aromatic and edible herbs in the Monte Barro Park, led by Bothanica Elena Castoldi.

    SUNDAY NOVEMBER 5 Going to herbs - what are they and where do we find them?

    The workshop will be structured in two parts: a theoretical introduction to recognize the spontaneous herbs, their medicinal properties, their use, and a practical part in which we will observe the plants live.

    SUNDAY 3 DECEMBER and SUNDAY 14 JANUARY (reply) Andar for herbs - Ointments, oleoliths, mother tinctures

    We will see together the preparations achievable with household means and how to conserve the collected and identified herbs. During the practical part we will prepare and pack together a phytotherapic ointment, an idea for you and your Christmas gifts!

    SUNDAY 4 MARCH Andar for herbs - Phytotherapy that passion!

    The theoretical part of the workshop will cover various topics: from active ingredients, to herbal remedies, from gemmoderivati ​​and Bach flowers. For the practical part we will dedicate ourselves to reading the labels of cosmetic products on the market.

    SUNDAY 8TH APRIL Going for herbs - The taste of herbs

    We will learn to recognize herbs, wild edible flowers and their use in the kitchen. We will observe, describe the plants from the point of view of smell, taste and aftertaste, tactile sensations. The ancient and forgotten fruits of the forest.

    SATURDAY 12 AND SUNDAY 13 MAY: Going for herbs - Excursion and tasting of the edible plants of our territory

    Ethics, instruments and times of the good collector. Tasting of herbs, flowers and spontaneous fruits. Phytoalimurgy: to feed on spontaneous plants. We will spend two days together to appreciate what the land according to its seasonality offers us and we will walk in the wonderful Monte Barro Park in search of wild herbs.

    Overnight at the Parco Barro Hostel. Subscription fee:

    • € 20 single meeting
    • € 70 package 4 meetings
    • € 90 residential seminar 12-13 May
    • For info and registration: | 0341-540512

    The meetings will take place with a minimum of 8 participants and will be confirmed even in case of rain

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    Ostello Parco Monte Barro

    Ostello Parco Monte Barro

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    County Province District DépartmentLecco (LC)
    City Town MunicipalityGalbiate
    EventsExcursions and Guided Tours
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