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    Organic Restaurant Più Gusto Bio

    Organic Restaurant Più Gusto Bio

    29, Stradone Porta Palio - 37122 - Verona (VR) - Veneto, Italy - Tel./Fax. +39 (0)45 8010250

    Più Gusto Bio is an organic, vegetarian and vegan take away restaurant that takes care of your lunch break, dinners and snacks. 

    From our ten years experience and passion in the organic field, we create Più Gusto Bio restaurant in order to offer our customers healthy food from an environmental not harmful agriculture which, instead, enrich the lands

    A tasty alternative to the traditional cusine, low in fat, accurate in recipes, sought after in strictly certified organic ingredients for those who: love to feed and not just eat, want a quick but well-groomed break, want to feel satiated but not weighty, who want to stay in shape and love novelties, who are tired of burdening on the environment and be slave of unnatural food in flavor and taste. 

    Ristorante Take Away Biologico Piu Gusto Bio Verona VR Veneto Italia Tavolo

    Più Gusto Bio restaurant is the ideal solution for yur every need: fruit and vegetable extracts, smoothies, spiced vegetables, steam, plate, vegetable pasta, rice dishes, rice pasta, kamut or whole and vegetables, legumes, soups, fresh fruit, yogurt

    Every dish is locally made with organic products that have a history of their own, ranging from seed to plant cultivation, from transformation to subsequent preparation. 

    Più Gusto Bio restaurant applies the macrobiotic cuisine cooking methods, vegetarian and vegan cuisine, Kousmine method, strictly without additives, preservatives, colorants, refined sugars, hydrogenated fats, preferring poor or gluten-free foods, medium/low glycemic index, low calories, with particular eye to dishes that pay attention to intolerances. 

    "We are what we eat", it's a famous sentence and it is indispensable to introduce into our life a concept of Agri-Culture: I want to know where my food comes from and being an active part of what nourish me... Più Gusto Bio!!!

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    County Province District DépartmentVerona (VR)
    City Town MunicipalityVerona
    EatOrganic Restaurant
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    Ristorante Biologico Più Gusto BioL-HS

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