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    Gluten Free Restaurant Pizzeria Mascagni
    Ristorante Pizzeria Senza Glutine Mascagni 127382

    Gluten Free Restaurant Pizzeria Mascagni

    42, Via P. Mascagni - 80128 - Naples (NA) - Campania, Italy - Tel. +39 (0)81 5602900/+39 339 2281167

    Neapolitan Restaurant and Pizzeria. Neapolitan cuisine and traditional, full-bodied and gluten-free Pizza with ground stone flour and mother's yeast

    Gluten-free pizza with fresh dough of our production. Two wood-burning ovens, one of which is exclusive to gluten-free pizzas. Delivery at home free of charge.

    The "MASCAGNI" restaurant and pizzeria, founded in 1970, initially owned by a family, acquired over the years considerable prestige thanks to the passion and professionalism of the current owner Titti and Angelo, who have been managing the place for over 15 years. 

    Ristorante Pizzeria Senza Glutine Mascagni Napoli NA Campania Italia Pizza Pomodoro e Basilico

    Nowdays, the restaurant and pizzeria "MASCAGNI" is made up of experienced and qualified staff who, if necessary, can advise customers on the choice of the menu and the combination of wines

    Intimate and welcoming environment, its customers mainly consist of professionals and show business people, but also of young people who prefer pizza, one of the great specialties of the place. 

    The kitchen features traditional Neapolitan dishes. Rich is the wine list, personalized by Angelo Caprio, a professional sommelier.

    Ristorante Pizzeria Senza Glutine Mascagni Napoli NA Campania Italia Forni

    Being sensitive to your needs, we want to let you know that gluten-free cuisine is no longer a problem. 

    At Mascagni Restaurant you will find an eye for your needs. We attended special courses for restaurateurs, created dishes and pizzas and organized separate food preparations. 

    We use the same care that you put into your own food and the desire to create something special for you. 

    Ristorante Pizzeria Senza Glutine Mascagni Napoli NA Campania Italia Sala Interna

    You just have to enjoy the delight of an evening out, choosing between real Neapolitan pizza, dumplings, homemade pasta, bread, cakes, spoon cakes, biscuits and small pastries. 

    Just book and you will be able to order almost all of our menus in the gluten-free version

    Pizza may at first glance seem to be the classic product that is difficult to produce without gluten, obtaining the same flavor and taste. As with good homemade bread, though, the trick is in the flour, and that's why the Mascagni Restaurant and Pizzeria has thought of a mix of flours specially designed for gluten-free pizza.

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    Ristorante Pizzeria Senza Glutine Mascagni

    Ristorante Pizzeria Senza Glutine Mascagni


    County Province District DépartmentNaples (NA)
    City Town MunicipalityNaples
    EatOrganic Gluten Free Pizza Restaurant
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